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LormaLINUX is Lorma Colleges' very own Linux Distribution that has been optimized and customized to meet the needs of educational institutions and its students. It is a full-featured Operating System specifically created for ease of installation, ease of use and functionality.
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LormaLinux 2005 beta 1 released. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aingel   
Lormalinux releases its first beta of Lormalinux 2005 -- A workstation edition based on Fedora Core 3. Another customization and optimization effort in support of its goal : "for ease of use and functionality"

LormaLinux 2005 Features

Packed with new features and changes, LormaLinux 2005 is the latest release of LormaLinux free, unsupported, bleeding-edge Linux distribution. Here, you will find all of the latest and greatest Linux goodies, which might be a little too new for production use but will certainly keep us happy for a little longer. Many new bits and pieces are included, such as the latest SELinux (Security enhanced Linux), a new means of partitioning disks, and improvement and changes to the windows managers. Also new is a subsystem for managing devices called udev, which replaces devfs. Udev makes it easier to manage hot-plug devices such as USB (Universal Serial Bus) peripherals.

KDE 3.3 - is also included in the bundle as a default GUI interface of LormaLinux 2005.

SNES - Super Nintendo Entertainment System games emulator is also included for your enjoyment. You just have to download ROM's and SMC files supported by SNES.

Plus all the packages you enjoyed in using LormaLinux 5 SE with some of the packages removed because of its proprietary status as an application.

    Packages not included on LormaLinux 5 are:
  • Realplayer10
  • Java plugins for Firefox 1.0
  • Thunderbird
  • winex 3.3.1

      • New packages included on LormaLinux 2005 are:
      • Evolution
      • GDM - Gui interface for the login screen
      • New KDE panel menu look - easy navigation on the menus
      • KDE Plugin for SAMBA
      • Screensavers
      • kdewebdev packages also included for webdevelopment purposes

          • What to look forward for the LL2005
          • Graphical RPM manager for LormaLinux 2005
          • GNOME and KDE incorporation for LormaLinux 2005
          • More user friendly invironment for users.

          Note: Please make sure that you choose KDE session when you login using GDM.

          md5sum : 5e90b70fd1452a322fecb41d81da87b3

Last Updated ( Saturday, 15 January 2005 )
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