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Written by Aingel   
By default, samba fileserver was set to full access mode. It means that accessing through the network with your windows machines enables you to read, write, or delete the files inside the shared folder of your lormalinux box. But you can also restrict the access level if you want. There is this file
which you can edit and configure the way you want your samba server to be, and in every single line there is an explanation. This is good to newbies to configure their samba file server.

First thing to do after the installation of Lormalinux-fileserver is to make sure to create a new user which serve as the default shared home directory path of your server. You can do this by typing this command into the console :

		# /usr/sbin/adduser <user>
After adding a user in your lormalinux box, you'll have to provide the user's SMB password also:
		# /usr/bin/smbpasswd -a <userSMBpassword>
And that's it. You can now connect to the shared folder or printer in your linux box with your windows OS machines.

    A little tips:
  1. To check the status on current Samba connections, simply type to the console:
    		# /usr/bin/smbstatus
  2. To stop or restart your samba:
       		# /etc/rc.d/rc.samba stop/start/restart
  3. You can also use a graphical frontend webmin to access or control your server over the network. BUT you'll have to run this command first to configure it. Don't worry, configuring the installed webmin is so easily, it's just a matter of seconds hitting the RETURN key of your keyboard :)
    		# /usr/libexec/webmin/setup.sh 

Congratulations you've done a good job! Enjoy using this tiny little samba file server.

If you have any comments, suggestion regarding this distro please feel free to post it in the forum. http://linux.lorma.edu Regards from the Philippines, Eric Sequerra Lormalinux Distro Developer

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